Limousine Service

Limousine Service by Hirva Car Rental Singapore

Tired of driving and simply wish to be chauffeured around, enjoying a nice comfortable ride? Our Limousine Service is just what you are looking for! We are have a committed team of chauffeurs to ensure you have a safe and comfortable ride.

Limousine Service Rates


Arrival / Departure and One Way Transfer Within Singapore
13 Seater 19 Seater 40 Seater Standard Car Merz E200 Merz S300
 $60.00  $80.00  $120.00  $50.00  $60.00  $120.00
Disposal Minimum 3 Hours (Per Hour Rate)
13 Seater 19 Seater 40 Seater Standard Car Merz E200 Merz S300
 $50.00  $70.00  $100.00  $45.00  $50.00  $100.00
Surcharge (2300 hrs to 0700 hrs)
13 Seater 19 Seater 40 Seater Standard Car Merz E200 Merz S300
 $20.00  $20.00  $20.00  $20.00  $20.00  $20.00

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  • When a person books a limousine service, it includes a chauffeur and a vehicle.
  • In Singapore, a limousine usually refers to Mercedes Benz (MB) E and S class cars. Other makes like Jaguar and Chrysler cars are possible to rent but extremely rare due to the Asian preference for MB and BMW

Limousine jobs are differentiated between ‘Transfer’ and ‘Disposal’.
– ‘Transfer’ refers to a pick-up and drop-off between point A and B.
– ‘Disposal’ refers to the vehicle being at your disposal for X number of hours. This is subject to minimum number of 3 hours.


  • All limousine chauffeurs and operations personnel are equipped with mobile phones.
  • All Mercedes Benz E and S class vehicles are equipped with luggage protectors to ensure that even your luggage and belongings enjoy first class travel. In addition, some of these vehicles also have rear side window blinds to ensure that your guests at the rear passenger seat are shielded from the sweltering sun and provide a certain level of privacy.
  • 24 hour breakdown service is provided. A guaranteed one hour response time anywhere within Singapore island.



  • Rates include hire of vehicle, insurance, maintenance, service of the chauffeur, unlimited mileage, Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and fuel cost.
  • Any delay exceeding half hour from the requested pick-up time for Transfer jobs, the delay shall be chargeable at the hourly rate, rounded off to the nearest hour.
  • Additional Stop (allowable for along the main route to destination) will be chargeable at $15.00 per additional stop (maximum 2 Stops).

Airport Meeting Services

  • Airport Meeting Services can be arranged through us.
  • All airport meeting charges are based on number of persons.
  • Special requests to receive guests with bouquet of flowers or flower garlands can be arranged.
  • Surcharge of $20/hour applies on top of regular charges between 2300 hrs to 0730 hrs.

Penalties for Cancellations

A cancellation fee will be imposed for any cancellations 12 hours before the job is performed.
Penalties as listed :

  • For Transfer: One Way Transfer
  • For Disposal: Minimum 3 hours Disposal or 50% of the initial order if it is on project basis.
  • For Transfer jobs at World Trade Center, Seletar Airport and VIP Complex, a minimum of 3 hours charge will be applicable.

Security Deposit

  • For all large scale projects, a 50% security deposit will be required from the hirer.